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0, Maroc
Détail du travail
  • Secteur d'activites :
    Services / Education
  • Postes proposés :
  • Type de contrat :
    Full Time
  • Le salaire :
  • Pays :
    Marrakech, Maroc
  • Niveau d'éducation requis :
    Niveau Bac
  • Niveau d'expérience requis :
    Debutan (t) Année
  • Postuler Avant le :
    05 Jul , 2019
  • Date de publication :
    05 Mar , 2019
Description de l'emploi

      Flight attendants and stewards have a different profession. In fact, their job is not just traveling around the globe and serving passengers. Indeed, the work of the aircrew begins well before takeoff of the aircraft.
     Before arriving on board, the hostesses and stewards must ensure that everything is up to standard on the plane. Control of safety equipment in the cabin, lifejackets, oxygen mask ... The inspection is general.
     Then comes the reception of travelers on board the aircraft, their installation, answers to questions, etc. It is at this point that the flight crew must be particularly attentive to the needs of children or persons with disabilities.
     The purpose of our training is to provide you with a complete summary of the aviation industry that will serve as a basis for your future interviews with major international airlines.
  Criteria for admission:
? Women:
   from 17 to 30 years old;
   from 158 cm to 178 cm;
   Bac level or higher;
? Men:
   from 17 to 35 years old;
   from 162 cm to 190 cm;
   Bac level or higher;
  Training Details:
   Training is for 3 months in the form of accelerated courses
At the end of the training you will have certificates of:
    Flight attendant / steward.
   The training price is only 2000 dhs for 3 months ... yes just 2000 dhs

 For future hostesses of Marrakech send your resume with photo and phone number to the following email address:
For more information contact us on the following numbers: 0632263682

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